People often ask how Max 10 can have such low prices on the same new, first-quality clothing you’d find in department stores for a much higher price. Well, the answer is…everybody makes mistakes.

Clothing designers and manufacturers make too many. Department stores buy too much. Orders get cancelled. What’s an overloaded business to do? Sell it quickly to Max 10 at a low, low price…which we pass on to you.

Sometimes we get a little of something, sometimes a lot…but always new merchandise every week for men, women and kids. Accessories, too. Shop often and you’ll never miss a deal!

Our buyers work hard to keep prices low. We specialize in $10 clothing, all year long! There is even a huge selection priced at 2 for $10, every day. You’ll also find some top-line items selling for $12.99 and occasionally $19.99 at Max 10 – these “extra value” items still are a significant savings when compared to other stores’ selling prices. We’re committed to bringing you Big Brands at Little Prices. Stop in and see!